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Today I want to share my review on a Feeling Fab box for the month of December. I unsubscribed from most of my boxes, because I was feeling like I have too many products that I can never finish, and curation of some of the boxes was very questionable. And not to mention, the value and the quality of some of subscription boxes went down.

And to be honest, I almost feel a withdrawal from my old boxes, haha, it is not easy to let go some of them. So my December Feeling Fab box came just in time! It is a new to me subscription and it features curated clean wellness and beauty products. Every month there's 5-6 times in a box and it is $34.99 a month. You can subscribe here. also you can get 25% off your box with a code Fab25.

Each of the boxes has a theme, I received "I'm immune" box, that is filled up with products with immunity boosting properties. The box itself was made of a nice craft cardboard with a handmade touch and I'm definitely keeping it.

Let's look at what was in my box.

1. Immune support Tea by Herbal Zap, 5 packs (Price $4.99)

It is a herbal Ayurvedic beverage that you can drink both hot and cold and it is supposed to help support and balance body's natural immune processes. It has a very interesting taste - herbal with a hint of spice.

Ingredients: Long pepper [Piper longum] (fruit), Black pepper (fruit), Cumin (seed), Bhargi [Premna herbacea] (root), Kantakari [Solanum zanthocarpum] (whole plant), Ginger (rhizome), Galangal (rhizome), Parpataka (whole plant), Coriander (seed), Ajowan [Carcum copticum] (seed), False calumba [Coscinium fenestratum] (stem), Vasaka [Adhatoda vasica] (root), Licorice (stem).

2. Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer by Dr. Bronner (Price $4.99)

I have sanitizers everywhere - all my bags, my car, and usually I just buy Bath and Body Works ones, but this sanitizer is completely natural and organic. It comes in a spray plastic bottle and it smells like lavender.

3. Dresdner Essenz Herbal bath salts (Price $3)

Bath essence with natural lavender, plamarosa oils and West Indian sandalwood oil. It is a new brand for me, I believe it is German, so I'm excited to try it. I recently moved into a house with huge bath, so I will definitely use this.

4. Ginger Honey crystals by Prince of Peace, 5 packs (Price $2.24)

Another instant healthy drink. This drink is made of 12 grams of raw ginger and it is supposed to elp with sore throat, coughing and other cold symptom. Ginger also helps with digestion. You can drink it both hot and cold and it is pretty intense, but if you like ginger - you will love it.

5. Good Day Chocolate (Price $6)

Vitamin D chocolate supplement. I've seen these in the Whole Foods 100 times and was always curious what is that, haha. Vitamin D is a "sun vitamin" and if I understand it right - our body produces it when the sun gets on your skin. Obviously there's less opportunities for that in winter, so it is good to take it, even my doctor recommended it to me. Also it tastes great.

6. Kiss Me Honey Organic Lip balm in Coconut (Price $4.99)

I always lose lipbalms, so I'm happy to get another one. This balm is all natural and sweet tasting, it also contains some anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants - that's a plus too.

7. Lyeska Eye Cream (Price $52)

I have dry skin under my eyes, so I'm always looking for a good cream. I've never heard of this brand before, but it is a women owned company located in NY. This cream contains Arctic root, cornflower, raspberry and white tea extracts with the Vitamin E and fatty acids of Siberian cedar nut oil - all that sounds good to me and we'll see how good it works after some time. So far I can say that is is moisturizing and not greasy. They also included samples of Lyeska rejuvenating serum in the box.

Overall I'm happy with a box, it has a great mix of skincare, supplements and bath and body products, and I got to try a lot of completely new brands and products that I would never buy myself. The value is around $80 (without samples) which definitely exceeds the price of the box. Have you ever tried Feeling Fab boxes? What do you think of this month box?


  1. Thank you for your review! Very excited that you are happy with your box :)
    ~Marina (www.FeelingFabBox.com)


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